“Koyaike Hütte – a hut in Myoko”

by takkahero

Already it has been 1 month since I went to this trip😅
Yellow Leaves Sightseeing around Mt Myoko in 2020

I planned Loop route from Seki Onsen to Tsubame Onsen this time
It feels more fun to go through routes for first time!

“Resting time at stable ground at Chair Life facility”

Lake Nojiriで which is known by Palaeoloxodon naumanni down there”

Yatsugatake faraway, where I want to do traverse in near future”

Walking Track is filled with greens and crossing branches
Ridge area is narrow enough to be slipped down by bamboo grass
Found and followed the same guy’s step on most of the way……

“Tons of Dragonflies frlying around above us”
They are friendly guys, do not come to us like mosquito or horsefly😁

Keep going with quite deep forest therapy for a few hours,,, then
Arriving at an intersection locates beside Kurosawaike Hütte
Sigh with relief when I arrive at familiar scenery

Another short walk to get to Koyaike Hütte to set up tent for a night!

They have serious problem since they install flush toilet with its building expanding construction
Detail from the URL below, in Japanese only, though😕


http://chng.it/Tm86WWXPNq (click and jump to its website)


No need to discuss is being nice and kind to save this mother nature
Basic doubt is, this place locates at least 3-4 hours walk from civilization
Then who really demand to have comfort of flush toilet here???
Conversely, someone who feel dissatisfied with it come over here……


These days, I find the Level of Comfort is too high for necessity to balance wel
Perhaps, I stay at strange side to recognize what is better or not😑

Koya Pond, Koyaike Hütte and its tent field”

“Look at Mt Myoko from nearby Koya Pond”

Is it becase looking down most of the time on the way up
Or face get closer to the slope
Plants come in my sight and make me fun more often than flat place

“Is this mashroom ready to open? | I find this flower often but don’t know the name”

The forecast was correct for higher area, great sea of clouds there
For selfish expectation, I also wanted to see the other landscape😓

“From South Peak to North Peak at Mt Myoko and White Beauty behind”

“Double Waterfalls | The Source of Akakura Onsen”

My happy plan continues to next autumn, expecting the colors!
I got nice info from chatting with a Souvenir Shop old man at Tsubame Onsen
Walking through older track sounds very interesting and in my list now😁