Month: May, 2017

“Tilopa from f-stop Gear”

米国生まれでアジア育ちの 『f-stop
写真は人に頼れんで、まずは高性能品に頼り切ります 😉

Efficient and functional backpack for camera gears
f-stop” born and design in USA, then stitch them up in Asia
I will be in your sight with this orange color from tomorrow
I can’t rely on others about my photography, so…, I rely on this high spec gear 😉

== 20170513 ==

機能と価格のバランスが良い道具は体がぶ 🙂

New life with this new shoes
High performance shoes gives me joyfulness
I do not like a system that its price increases by how it looks
I can feel body smiles with the gear of which price follows its proper function 🙂

“Fullon Eyewear Spring/Summer 2017 model”

Summer with glaring sun is……, coming here soon
Still, don’t you feel the light already bright enough!!?

After your pocket get hungry after your Skiing Days, but I guess you still have some coins in your pocket
So, here is an Idea how to use it……

I picked 3 of them up from this Spring/Summer model!
I wear them as long as there is some Light around me, Fullon Eyewear
These 3 are all come with Polarizing Lens

As a sample, I attached extra photo at up-right side on each photos for your imagination

FBL 043-6
Black frame × Blue Mirror lens

FBL 018-17
Matte Black / Yellow Frame × Yellow Mirror lens

FBL 047-2
Brown Wood frame × Brown lens

Fit well, comfortable
Handy Price 😉
Let’s go out with these Stylish Colors with protecting eyes 🙂

By the way, I don’t know if you can buy it at other countries except for Japan

Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear




真っ暗以外はだいたい着用しとります、Fullon Eyewear


FBL 043-6
ブラック フレーム × ブルーミラー レンズ

FBL 018-17
マットブラック/イエロー フレーム × イエローミラー レンズ

FBL 047-2
木目ブラウン フレーム × ブラウン レンズ

値段もお手頃 😉
目を守りながらハイカラに外へ出かけましょ〜 🙂

Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear