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Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

Honored News!!!

One of the biggest photo / movie contest for action sports “Red Bull Illume
The latest one is in 2021 since the last one in 2019. It was normally held every 3 years time before.

All those images which showed in its website are fabulous images and influenced a lot
They all have strong character and amaze talent
Among those sort of works……
This time……

One of mine was selected as a semi-finalist!!!

Category is “Lifestyle by COOPH

No hard effort to consider for ideas
No time limit to go that interesting location
I didn’t ask any posing to them
It was a moment of “Just a Part of Our Day” during winter

Actually, we don’t Onsen soaking like this at the middle of snowy mountain everyday
It was just a Drop-In on the way to the main terrain for shooting due to weather condition

It’s hornored to share feeling of our winter life atmosphere with its Judges and valued our it
This Photo is 99.99% no decoration, it’s pretty much us like we are as usual
Please check its detail when you have time ⇩⇩⇩

I love to take photos like this capturing atmosphere, though…
Still I prefer to be evaluated action shots which is the first purpose
So, I keep going with more effort to enjoy my time

Winter 21-22 is almost there now!!!

“Koyaike Hütte – a hut in Myoko”

Already it has been 1 month since I went to this trip😅
Yellow Leaves Sightseeing around Mt Myoko in 2020

I planned Loop route from Seki Onsen to Tsubame Onsen this time
It feels more fun to go through routes for first time!

“Resting time at stable ground at Chair Life facility”

Lake Nojiriで which is known by Palaeoloxodon naumanni down there”

Yatsugatake faraway, where I want to do traverse in near future”

Walking Track is filled with greens and crossing branches
Ridge area is narrow enough to be slipped down by bamboo grass
Found and followed the same guy’s step on most of the way……

“Tons of Dragonflies frlying around above us”
They are friendly guys, do not come to us like mosquito or horsefly😁

Keep going with quite deep forest therapy for a few hours,,, then
Arriving at an intersection locates beside Kurosawaike Hütte
Sigh with relief when I arrive at familiar scenery

Another short walk to get to Koyaike Hütte to set up tent for a night!

They have serious problem since they install flush toilet with its building expanding construction
Detail from the URL below, in Japanese only, though😕 (click and jump to its website)


No need to discuss is being nice and kind to save this mother nature
Basic doubt is, this place locates at least 3-4 hours walk from civilization
Then who really demand to have comfort of flush toilet here???
Conversely, someone who feel dissatisfied with it come over here……


These days, I find the Level of Comfort is too high for necessity to balance wel
Perhaps, I stay at strange side to recognize what is better or not😑

Koya Pond, Koyaike Hütte and its tent field”

“Look at Mt Myoko from nearby Koya Pond”

Is it becase looking down most of the time on the way up
Or face get closer to the slope
Plants come in my sight and make me fun more often than flat place

“Is this mashroom ready to open? | I find this flower often but don’t know the name”

The forecast was correct for higher area, great sea of clouds there
For selfish expectation, I also wanted to see the other landscape😓

“From South Peak to North Peak at Mt Myoko and White Beauty behind”

“Double Waterfalls | The Source of Akakura Onsen”

My happy plan continues to next autumn, expecting the colors!
I got nice info from chatting with a Souvenir Shop old man at Tsubame Onsen
Walking through older track sounds very interesting and in my list now😁

“Short Traverse at Hakuba”

At the end of this summer, there were lots more rainy days than usual years
Often I followed website of weather forecast for a while
Then I found fine weather for 2.5 days
And headed to ridge traverse at Hakuba

As my typical scheduling, it builds like dreaming in my brain
Then it comes out suddenly on my real calendar
Not much process to make well-researching plan……
And so, I had to adjust a lot to make it happen before a few hours I leave home
2 nights 3 days changed to 1 night 2 days, also the direction for walking changed to “L to R” from “R to L”

My adjustment ability level get higher now??

< Cloud float comfortably in blue sky >

This ridge continues above 2000m almost all the way
There were still some summer temperature remain at down the hill, but up here was surrounded by natural cooling air which make us feel luxury

< Raicho-Ptarmigan appears by themself >

My main purpose of this trip was staying in bivouac-tent, not normal well-organized tent
I had used bivouac-tent once, just wrapped myself to keep warm for ski shooting
I’ve never open it at a neighbor park nor tried to test it before…
Still, I researched HOW TO use it on internet, for 10 minutes

As a result, I had well sleep and didin’t have any major problems

By the way, my company Mr T immediately chose comfort and booked moutain hut for that night

< Beauty of Nature, sea of clouds before sunrise >

It must be lovely sky with full of stars at that night!!!
remember this experience and use it well for next time
***Nothing serious topic for it***

2nd day, another beautiful ridge walk continued in clear air

< Tsurugidake >

Fine weather leads magnifique view!!!
It’s very interesting scene to see from above that cloud was separated to east and west by Hakuba mountain range

< Panoramic >

Once we reach to a summit, there is another peak appears over there
Also we will be able to find a check-point for this trip farther area
Very interest feeling

< Hakubadake, Shakushidake and my Company Mr T >

Sometime we passed by runners
Weird feeling between us, because their gears are totally different at up higher on the mountain
Looks pretty nice but it’s not my style yet

< Trail Runner >

Hakuba Daisekkei, a way from Hakubadake to Sarukura area
Right after we walked down there, it was closed due to danger of snow bridge collapse
Because of many heavy rainy days during summer……

< Natural Bridge of Shaped Snow >

This plan was completely changed from my original dreaming-like plan
Though, I learned how it could be and it will be shaped much better for next chance
Don’t be fool in mountain or mother nature!!!
***We didin’t have any trouble from this trip, though***

Just let me show what kind of gearspicked for this trip up

< More than enough space to feel relax for packing with 70L >

~~ PS for my gears ~~
• Backpack : /Sukha (f-stop), 70L
Trusted by lots of outdoor cameramen
Aluminum frame support well to bring heavier weight, and makes feels comfy
Enough functional pockets to put everything in order

• Camera Bag : Navin (f-stop)
I put this bag in front of chest which is quite basic option for f-stop design
And so I can reach camera easy and quickly, also it protect camera well

• Sunglasses : FBL 043-33 (Fullon Eyewear)
Brilliant performance with its price and many designs to choose from
Very kind product for eyes and wallet

• Poles : Scepter 4S Poles (bca)
It become very compact when it folds to carry
Its grip has unique shape which works great for many type of walking

• and others…

“Shocking News”

Announced by King-like Ski magazine, “POWDER Magazine”
They decided to pause their operations after end of this November
By my English, it’s not completely finished and they possibly come back in future
I really wish so
Detail in English is here

Since I start taking photos of Skiers, one of major purpose is to be published on this POWDER Magazine which is well-know in the world
After couple of random published, still it keeps me motivate to get more chance often

I started to be impressed by its contents when I was a snowboarder
I got lots of great inspirations after I become a photographer on telemark-ski
It’s so sad occurence


As personally
I’m not good to read writing, so that it’s more fun to read it on paper by my own pace
As a photographer…
I can find more feeling from photos in paper media which gives me gazing-relaxed time
Probably because I’m an analog sense man…… 😉


There are lots of complicate questions without clear answer in my mind

Like, what is the progress of civilization……


New website about has been launched a few days ago
Elite editors who create ski magazine “BRAVOSKI, FallLine, FREESKIING” is running this media
Deeper and Richer informations will be there


Its volume is beyond compare with paper magazine
It will be full of contents from major one to niche stuff 🙂
Personally, I prefer to have paper magazine to gaze well
Still, it’s interested in check new stuff by phone quickly in extra minutes
New era style, isn’t it? 😉

“Top page design for their launching issue”

Photo Gallery is prepared for its first issue
Fortunately, they gave me a chance to be a part of 1/10!!!
All photographers wrote story for each photos like below
※※ Here is 5 of mine 🙂

Please take a time to check the website, STEEP!
Though, it’s only in Japanes… 😉

This is the same-smae sentence every year.., still hot and humid days continue for a while
Let’s dream cooler feeling and stay safe then live in positive mode 😉

== 2020.07.04 ==

柔軟な考えができる人間は面白いですね 😉

It was the very end of spring time
My friend, Yuji Emoto took me to Float-Walking from Hakubadake
About 20 mins amazing time with fine weather
He is the guy of insight, especially mother nature
IFMGA skills are trustfworthy, as he does
He is a person who wants to share the precious time in nature with as much people as he can
Like him, adaptable mind guys are so interested as human 😉

“Fullon Eyewear”

Rainy season arrived at most of area in Japan

Summer sun is ready for glaring down on us very soon!
So now, why don’t we check Sunglasses to protect our eyes, also for your fashion?

I introduce a brand here, Fullon Eyewear with its marvelous cost performance 😉
This time, I want to show those lots of lens color variation
These are NOT all of them, though

*Note: it depends on who you are, how you see the colors…


Lots of models to choose when, where, what with,,

This is Naked eye sight……

“Blue Mirror”
Coated with blue-mirror

You can see your eyes slightly from outside

I can see its surface coated like mirror
Looks a little bit blue-ish in my eyes

“Gold Mirror”
Very similar as “Gold” at lens surface
I feel deeper / darker blue

“Green Mirror”
Looks quite pink in my eyes but it get used, adjust to natural color soon

“Revo Mirror”
Surface color is like Yellow+Orange

“Silver Mirror”
I guess this color is very simple and easy to image?
Sight just get darker

Lends is just enough colored to hide your eyes

“Light Blue”
Not mirror coated lends and color is very light
You can see your eyes very well from outside

If you wnat to see more models, please click the letter below!
Depends on models, but you can find lens from Polarized, Uv Cut or Photochromic
Fullon – Digital Catalog


” f-stop Gear”

f-stop, a brand that specializes in storing ~ carrying Camera Gears
Mine was under ultraviolet, humidity, weight, centrifugal force, and so on for 4 years
I go shooting for outdoor activities, so that I use it quite random sometime
Well, I have never get any major problems
Trastworth” is serious matter for us, for everyone
Though, all materials have Ageing issue which we normally can’t avoid
I believe that there is no gears which perfectly suit to everyone……
But here, this backpack is almost The One which I only need!
This spring while I have time at home.., changed my partner to new one but same model

I have few other products for different situations
Then I pick this one especially during winter-skiing shooting
Tilopa” from f-stop

Obviously I can see the faded colors
I also find suface fabrics are worn out when I put new and old together

Though, this Tilopa design is excellent since it created
But then I found there is new minor change……
It gets closer to my idealにwhich makes me stoked!
This kind of tiny update gives more extra chance to be calm in nature 😉

Like this amazing Outdoor style brand “f-stop” created New product!
Launched High Quality Mask with 3 layers construction
It should effect well to COVID-19, also good to have it for our future environment?
It gives more chances for my nicer life from Mountains to Town 🙂

Washable means much less impact to our mother nature, I think

Let’s check its detail out at their website 🙂

“This Information is NOT Forgotten, I Always Calculate It”

Changing Seasons settle like Unsettled these days…… (make sense?)
Ski Feilds kick off the new season, anyway!

My friend’s SNS showing their Skiing Topic everyday
Then I tell myself “Don’t rush, it’s not the time for me”
Because I still want to play Soccer a little bit more 😉

So, here is informations about magazines publication after a while since their publication day
Perhaps some of you missedし that day and forgotten now?

Fall Line 2020 vol.2“, beginning of Nov in store
As usual, this one has full of great Stories to read and Photos to watch

Visiting Local’s” is here again after vol.1

And then, “WHITE MOUNTAIN 2020” which is store at end of Nov

Adventure story with Shikaichi Ueki and  Jerry Williams at New Zealand a few years ago is on this magazine
We had hard time to find good weather for trip, at the end I’m so happy to join to this crew

Also there is another one about featuring Hakuba, thanks for that spreading pages!

Anyway, snow season starts now
Magazine gives more time to read and watch as much as you like by your pace, then thanks for internet for giving so many movies to watch
Let’s enjoy 19-20 Winter at wherever you go!!!

“Throw Back to May 2019”

Our Emperor was changed at the end of May.
Thank you for Heisei, and welcome to Reiwa!
There was strange atmosphere for this winter with some late snow falls.
I spent days at Tohoku area at the beginning
Then I headed to Myoko~Shinshu area for the ending
Though, I hadn’t decide which date I finish this winter……
On its Next day, I visited my friend’s place and helped his preparation for next winter
At home, “BRAVOSKI” magazine waited for me with fascinating gears for ’19-’20
Well, I will enjoy green season with playing Soccer!

Welcome the new Era “Reiwa” at Geto Kogen, Iwate

First time to visit here at Hachimantai, and check how much snow still staying on other hills

Very Spring Scenery at Geto Kogen

Peaceful Beech Forest around Gassan

Enjoyed Film-Crust and Winds at the same time around Gassan

More chance to enjoy evening sky at downtown

Nothing hard, just needing longer distance to walk

I finally could come to see at this point

One shot for my own track for myself ski touring

Both of smell and sound of ocean makes me calm

Visit JWSC to watch the Legend drawing

One of my favorite place to do ending snow season

Suspicious cloud seems just interesting from far away

I just simply choose heavy backpack to sleep in tent for spring touring

Longer and mellow nice skiing down this time

I hope to get down to car smoothly next time……

Change tires, make the room lighter in a few days of solid-home time

Another place for ending snow Season trip

Combos of Pond & Rock & Snow & Green & Birds

Descent from the peak became the last one for 18-19, I guess 😉

Chopping firewoods by Chain Saw for next winter

I guess I could finish another winter safely
Thanks for seeing and sharing time with me whoever I met at wherever 🙂