Month: September, 2020

== 20200928 ==

綺麗な芝生のグランドでより楽しくプレーできるありがたさよ 😉

It has been several years since I started to play soccer at the League for Over 40 senior class
About the field, senior class uses turf ground, and most of younger ages are at hard ground
I found obvious fail of my body strength when I played on hard ground the other day, against younger player……
Then, I found the happiness to play on the field of turf 😉

== 20200921 ==

でも食べれるアルファ米と反省できる機会にありがとう 😉

Punishment at over 2700m, with my tent
I looked forward to have warm breakfast in peaceful sunrise air
I wondered that experts repeat gear maintenance before and after every single trip
Thanks for water-cookable-instant-rice product and chance for reflection what I have to do 😉