“Shocking News”

by takkahero

Announced by King-like Ski magazine, “POWDER Magazine”
They decided to pause their operations after end of this November
By my English, it’s not completely finished and they possibly come back in future
I really wish so
Detail in English is here

Since I start taking photos of Skiers, one of major purpose is to be published on this POWDER Magazine which is well-know in the world
After couple of random published, still it keeps me motivate to get more chance often

I started to be impressed by its contents when I was a snowboarder
I got lots of great inspirations after I become a photographer on telemark-ski
It’s so sad occurence


As personally
I’m not good to read writing, so that it’s more fun to read it on paper by my own pace
As a photographer…
I can find more feeling from photos in paper media which gives me gazing-relaxed time
Probably because I’m an analog sense man…… 😉


There are lots of complicate questions without clear answer in my mind

Like, what is the progress of civilization……