“Short Traverse at Hakuba”

by takkahero

At the end of this summer, there were lots more rainy days than usual years
Often I followed website of weather forecast for a while
Then I found fine weather for 2.5 days
And headed to ridge traverse at Hakuba

As my typical scheduling, it builds like dreaming in my brain
Then it comes out suddenly on my real calendar
Not much process to make well-researching plan……
And so, I had to adjust a lot to make it happen before a few hours I leave home
2 nights 3 days changed to 1 night 2 days, also the direction for walking changed to “L to R” from “R to L”

My adjustment ability level get higher now??

< Cloud float comfortably in blue sky >

This ridge continues above 2000m almost all the way
There were still some summer temperature remain at down the hill, but up here was surrounded by natural cooling air which make us feel luxury

< Raicho-Ptarmigan appears by themself >

My main purpose of this trip was staying in bivouac-tent, not normal well-organized tent
I had used bivouac-tent once, just wrapped myself to keep warm for ski shooting
I’ve never open it at a neighbor park nor tried to test it before…
Still, I researched HOW TO use it on internet, for 10 minutes

As a result, I had well sleep and didin’t have any major problems

By the way, my company Mr T immediately chose comfort and booked moutain hut for that night

< Beauty of Nature, sea of clouds before sunrise >

It must be lovely sky with full of stars at that night!!!
remember this experience and use it well for next time
***Nothing serious topic for it***

2nd day, another beautiful ridge walk continued in clear air

< Tsurugidake >

Fine weather leads magnifique view!!!
It’s very interesting scene to see from above that cloud was separated to east and west by Hakuba mountain range

< Panoramic >

Once we reach to a summit, there is another peak appears over there
Also we will be able to find a check-point for this trip farther area
Very interest feeling

< Hakubadake, Shakushidake and my Company Mr T >

Sometime we passed by runners
Weird feeling between us, because their gears are totally different at up higher on the mountain
Looks pretty nice but it’s not my style yet

< Trail Runner >

Hakuba Daisekkei, a way from Hakubadake to Sarukura area
Right after we walked down there, it was closed due to danger of snow bridge collapse
Because of many heavy rainy days during summer……

< Natural Bridge of Shaped Snow >

This plan was completely changed from my original dreaming-like plan
Though, I learned how it could be and it will be shaped much better for next chance
Don’t be fool in mountain or mother nature!!!
***We didin’t have any trouble from this trip, though***

Just let me show what kind of gearspicked for this trip up

< More than enough space to feel relax for packing with 70L >

~~ PS for my gears ~~
• Backpack : /Sukha (f-stop), 70L
Trusted by lots of outdoor cameramen
Aluminum frame support well to bring heavier weight, and makes feels comfy
Enough functional pockets to put everything in order

• Camera Bag : Navin (f-stop)
I put this bag in front of chest which is quite basic option for f-stop design
And so I can reach camera easy and quickly, also it protect camera well

• Sunglasses : FBL 043-33 (Fullon Eyewear)
Brilliant performance with its price and many designs to choose from
Very kind product for eyes and wallet

• Poles : Scepter 4S Poles (bca)
It become very compact when it folds to carry
Its grip has unique shape which works great for many type of walking

• and others…