“Nobile Ski”

Nobile, which factory is locating in Poland and this is their original brand
This factory also manufactures some other big name brands
Scimente imports this brand as Japanese distributor
Scimente imports Ski’s Tune-Up Machine which is their main job
What a helpful support I have!

I got new ski from them for Next Season
Supreme 188 (140.7 / 105 / 120.3 mm – 24 m)

I was using its same model but shorter and skinnier, 178cm and less than 100mm for underfoot
I was thinking that I want to have just a little bit wider waist in last a few years……
At the end, I got chance to Grab this size
I will adjust this length somehow 😉

In fact, I wanted to have another model
Unfortunatelly it won’t come to Japan for now so……

For me, ski is one of the tool to move around easily on snow
If I only have One ski, then this is my own answer so far

The most Important condition is how comfortable to go moving around with Camera Gears

I try to listen other people’s advice but still keep what my feeling is 🙂




Supreme 188 (140.7 / 105 / 120.3 mm – 24 m)

長さは上手に調整します 😉




他人の意見を聞きつつも自分色を見つけなね〜 🙂

“As My 16-17 Snow Season was Over!”

I made finish for my 16-17 snow season by Tokyo Walking-Visiting Tour in last week
I wonder why I can’t remember what I did during winter Immediately……
This is one of my big problem these few years?
Perhaps my Capacity to manage schedule is way too tiny to handle it???

Got home after several months, chuck gears into my room from my car
My room seems like having Less Space than my small car

Washing days with Gratitude for my gears still continue……

I hadn’t done tidying all stuff up but it’s Time to go!
I decided to go with my Sweet Home/Car instead of taking easy BUS riding this time 🙂

People who welcome me with their great Smile
People who I met First Time
People who kept hours for me to have Drink or Lunch
People who gave me Advice with deep Discussion (actually I almost just listening…)
Thank you so much for your Valuable hours
Really Appreciate It!!!

At the end, I walked Quite a Bit, one of reason was because where I stayed
Actually I had extra distance due to I Lost the Way couple of times
Well, if I didn’t miss that Last Train at that night, it could be over 90km 😉

Maybe it will be 100km next time!!?

I got new item when I visited GUMP
model (FBL 049) from Fullon Eyewear
Light Gray lens × Matte Black frame in this photo
It has other lens color as Silver Mirror, Light Blue and Smoke (Gray)
Thicker frame gets strong impression around your eyes!

The Ratio of gradation gets stronger and stronger
I Guess it won’t be whiter than this
Is it time to Change finally……?
Though, I’m happy to be spoiled your Kindness…, anyone 😉

Still things to be done by soon but I only can go with my pace 🙂





今回はバスじゃなくって軽なった相棒でドライブ〜 🙂


あの終電を逃した日がなければ90km越したのに〜 😉


フローン・アイウェアのサングラス、しいモデル(FBL 049
写真はライトグレーのレンズ × 艶消しブラックのフレーム

いお待ちいたしております 😉

まんだ片付けきれとらんけども、ゆっくり進みます 🙂

“Tilopa from f-stop Gear”

米国生まれでアジア育ちの 『f-stop
写真は人に頼れんで、まずは高性能品に頼り切ります 😉

Efficient and functional backpack for camera gears
f-stop” born and design in USA, then stitch them up in Asia
I will be in your sight with this orange color from tomorrow
I can’t rely on others about my photography, so…, I rely on this high spec gear 😉

== 20170513 ==

機能と価格のバランスが良い道具は体がぶ 🙂

New life with this new shoes
High performance shoes gives me joyfulness
I do not like a system that its price increases by how it looks
I can feel body smiles with the gear of which price follows its proper function 🙂

“Fullon Eyewear Spring/Summer 2017 model”

Summer with glaring sun is……, coming here soon
Still, don’t you feel the light already bright enough!!?

After your pocket get hungry after your Skiing Days, but I guess you still have some coins in your pocket
So, here is an Idea how to use it……

I picked 3 of them up from this Spring/Summer model!
I wear them as long as there is some Light around me, Fullon Eyewear
These 3 are all come with Polarizing Lens

As a sample, I attached extra photo at up-right side on each photos for your imagination

FBL 043-6
Black frame × Blue Mirror lens

FBL 018-17
Matte Black / Yellow Frame × Yellow Mirror lens

FBL 047-2
Brown Wood frame × Brown lens

Fit well, comfortable
Handy Price 😉
Let’s go out with these Stylish Colors with protecting eyes 🙂

By the way, I don’t know if you can buy it at other countries except for Japan

Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear




真っ暗以外はだいたい着用しとります、Fullon Eyewear


FBL 043-6
ブラック フレーム × ブルーミラー レンズ

FBL 018-17
マットブラック/イエロー フレーム × イエローミラー レンズ

FBL 047-2
木目ブラウン フレーム × ブラウン レンズ

値段もお手頃 😉
目を守りながらハイカラに外へ出かけましょ〜 🙂

Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear

== 20170414 ==

これからの残雪期はやっぱ「ケセラセラ」だな 😉

It has been quite random schedule for this winter
This winter kicked off nicely on December
It came out like Othello from March……
I should better follow the rest of season as “Que Sera, Sera” 😉

“KAMP K2 2017 in Japan”

I joined to “KAMP K2” a few days ago
K2 Japan organizes this event at beginning of April these last several years at Kagura Mitsumata Ski Area, great chance to try next years model
I applied for 1 night 2 days plan
It starts with this great Blue Sky as I checked on weather forecast 🙂

I concentrated to try new models more than last few years which I did photo shooting more

Marksman“, asymmetry model
I wanted to try it with Telemark Ski but there were no NTN binding unfortunately……
I tried it with Alpine Boots which I’m not good skill at all…, but still I felt NICE!

Catamaran“, also asymmetry model
To wide for me, at least for my alpine skill
Still I could guess it would be fun on Powder snow

Succeed model of Coomba ” Wayback 104
I liked the design with La Grave icon 😉

“Pinnacle 118
It wasn’t comfy with my skill
If you want to go faster, harder and bigger, then you might like it!!?

Pescado” from LINE
Unique Swallowtail shape at its tail

This is all which I tried, wanted to try
In fact, all I can tell is, which is wider or narrower!
I didn’t fall down, I could do turn with no curving
Flex-wise, with my alpine skill, all models feel hard
But, my friends who ski superbly well says most of them are quite soft feeling
I am like that skier…
So, I don’t (can’t) tell anything actually, but I feel “Marksman” is probably comfortable one for me
I could tell more if I tasted them with Telemark Ski? I hope so 😉
At least, I enjoyed touching many ski with different character!

Snowboard time now
I joined to Backcountry tour which great mountain guides go together
Actually it seems more Sidecounty, I should say?
Trustful guides are Iwao Saeki, Jun HorieYuji Emoto, Yu Takeo!

I grab a Splitboard after 13 years!
Ultra Split 164″ with K2’s step-in binding
Light, easy and fun to walk with skin!
I want to try it at steeper terrain with harder snow and so I can try ZigZag up for next time

It’s quite rare and interesting to go with this much number of people
Very mellow and relax tour

About descent, I say Splitboard and Solid-normal board is different gear, still in same snowboard shape so that I don’t compare how it feels
If you don’t like Split-Zeroish-Torsion, you should better to pick normal snowboard up with Snowshoe
I can say I can go riding almost as usual as normal solid snowboard with splitboard
Just used to it, which is my theory for different gears 🙂
Well, I stop to say something more than this……

I think, I like this model the most “Joy Driver 162″
I wonder if there is 165cm model……
I like it 🙂

Berzerker 159″
I think it was first time to try RIDE snowboard in my life
This model is strong recommend by Mr Hada from FREERUN magazine
Nice comfy flex gives smooth turn and I like it very much

But, I preferred this model with same length……
Turbodreamer 159″
This one is stiffer and so I can go harder at anywhere

After some of these talk like big, I’m not good at freestyle
As an idea, I am a person who like to go many different terrain with different snow by 1 snowboard

Every night, serious meeting(?) starts with this FUN industry people
You choose drink whatever you want
These FUN hours continues until just before you go to bed 🙂

K2’s motto “ENJOYER” connect so many different people
There was performance by professional Pianist Mrs Takane right after dinner
All the people shut mouth up and listen her world of piano sound, which is amazing moment
Well, my eyes stuck on her fingers moving soooooo quickly……

Also, there is Mr Issun who is popular man on TV these days
Daisuke Watanabe, you are the man who really want to be Issun with its costume on selfie, right?

Mr Yoshizawa, it was just a luck that I could take this photo but I really appreciate it
I wonder why only you turn around and look at me at this moment……
It was fail for me to take sneak shot 😉

Actually…, I got an extra night to stay suddenly……
I couldn’t go against the stream of FUN, sounds like I still can’t control myself as an adult
I learned a word which is created for this kind of adult, mixing 2 words in Japanese (adult and child) at that night but it’s hard to express in English…… “Chadalt”, maybe???

Everyone can join to this test riding event
And it’s still possible to join for overnight style
Just there are so many people want to join by overnight but the accommodation “Wadagoya” capacity is more than full already
It’s better to prepare for next 11 months in case if you find that chance to grab its seat immediately 🙂