” f-stop Gear”

by takkahero

f-stop, a brand that specializes in storing ~ carrying Camera Gears
Mine was under ultraviolet, humidity, weight, centrifugal force, and so on for 4 years
I go shooting for outdoor activities, so that I use it quite random sometime
Well, I have never get any major problems
Trastworth” is serious matter for us, for everyone
Though, all materials have Ageing issue which we normally can’t avoid
I believe that there is no gears which perfectly suit to everyone……
But here, this backpack is almost The One which I only need!
This spring while I have time at home.., changed my partner to new one but same model

I have few other products for different situations
Then I pick this one especially during winter-skiing shooting
Tilopa” from f-stop

Obviously I can see the faded colors
I also find suface fabrics are worn out when I put new and old together

Though, this Tilopa design is excellent since it created
But then I found there is new minor change……
It gets closer to my idealにwhich makes me stoked!
This kind of tiny update gives more extra chance to be calm in nature 😉

Like this amazing Outdoor style brand “f-stop” created New product!
Launched High Quality Mask with 3 layers construction
It should effect well to COVID-19, also good to have it for our future environment?
It gives more chances for my nicer life from Mountains to Town 🙂

Washable means much less impact to our mother nature, I think

Let’s check its detail out at their website 🙂