“Fullon Eyewear”

by takkahero

Rainy season arrived at most of area in Japan

Summer sun is ready for glaring down on us very soon!
So now, why don’t we check Sunglasses to protect our eyes, also for your fashion?

I introduce a brand here, Fullon Eyewear with its marvelous cost performance 😉
This time, I want to show those lots of lens color variation
These are NOT all of them, though

*Note: it depends on who you are, how you see the colors…


Lots of models to choose when, where, what with,,

This is Naked eye sight……

“Blue Mirror”
Coated with blue-mirror

You can see your eyes slightly from outside

I can see its surface coated like mirror
Looks a little bit blue-ish in my eyes

“Gold Mirror”
Very similar as “Gold” at lens surface
I feel deeper / darker blue

“Green Mirror”
Looks quite pink in my eyes but it get used, adjust to natural color soon

“Revo Mirror”
Surface color is like Yellow+Orange

“Silver Mirror”
I guess this color is very simple and easy to image?
Sight just get darker

Lends is just enough colored to hide your eyes

“Light Blue”
Not mirror coated lends and color is very light
You can see your eyes very well from outside

If you wnat to see more models, please click the letter below!
Depends on models, but you can find lens from Polarized, Uv Cut or Photochromic
Fullon – Digital Catalog