by takkahero

New website about has been launched a few days ago
Elite editors who create ski magazine “BRAVOSKI, FallLine, FREESKIING” is running this media
Deeper and Richer informations will be there


Its volume is beyond compare with paper magazine
It will be full of contents from major one to niche stuff 🙂
Personally, I prefer to have paper magazine to gaze well
Still, it’s interested in check new stuff by phone quickly in extra minutes
New era style, isn’t it? 😉

“Top page design for their launching issue”

Photo Gallery is prepared for its first issue
Fortunately, they gave me a chance to be a part of 1/10!!!
All photographers wrote story for each photos like below
※※ Here is 5 of mine 🙂

Please take a time to check the website, STEEP!
Though, it’s only in Japanes… 😉

This is the same-smae sentence every year.., still hot and humid days continue for a while
Let’s dream cooler feeling and stay safe then live in positive mode 😉