“Throw Back to May 2019”

by takkahero

Our Emperor was changed at the end of May.
Thank you for Heisei, and welcome to Reiwa!
There was strange atmosphere for this winter with some late snow falls.
I spent days at Tohoku area at the beginning
Then I headed to Myoko~Shinshu area for the ending
Though, I hadn’t decide which date I finish this winter……
On its Next day, I visited my friend’s place and helped his preparation for next winter
At home, “BRAVOSKI” magazine waited for me with fascinating gears for ’19-’20
Well, I will enjoy green season with playing Soccer!

Welcome the new Era “Reiwa” at Geto Kogen, Iwate

First time to visit here at Hachimantai, and check how much snow still staying on other hills

Very Spring Scenery at Geto Kogen

Peaceful Beech Forest around Gassan

Enjoyed Film-Crust and Winds at the same time around Gassan

More chance to enjoy evening sky at downtown

Nothing hard, just needing longer distance to walk

I finally could come to see at this point

One shot for my own track for myself ski touring

Both of smell and sound of ocean makes me calm

Visit JWSC to watch the Legend drawing

One of my favorite place to do ending snow season

Suspicious cloud seems just interesting from far away

I just simply choose heavy backpack to sleep in tent for spring touring

Longer and mellow nice skiing down this time

I hope to get down to car smoothly next time……

Change tires, make the room lighter in a few days of solid-home time

Another place for ending snow Season trip

Combos of Pond & Rock & Snow & Green & Birds

Descent from the peak became the last one for 18-19, I guess 😉

Chopping firewoods by Chain Saw for next winter

I guess I could finish another winter safely
Thanks for seeing and sharing time with me whoever I met at wherever 🙂