f-stop “Petit Info from A Lot”

by takkahero

Go to trekking because I got a tent and just want to use it 🙂

Tenting several days ago
f-stop, Satori EXP (62L • older model) with Pro ICU-Small (padded protection box)
Here is how it looked like at that time

Tenting at the last time
Exchanged to Navin (individual camera case) from Pro ICU
I put Navin at chest area for walking around (no photo image……)
I took Satori EXP as same as before
Carrying gears were almost same-same as before
I took this photo right after I did striking my tent……

Strap which fixes mattress at the bottom of backpack is,,,
Gatekeeper Strap“, produced also by f-stop
It is their original accessory that means suit well, easy to use and so covenient ◎

Here is another petit video to show how it looks different in size-wise between Pro ICU-Small vs. Navin
Can you find it from this?
Navin is adjustable its depth due to which lens you put on your camera

Considering their line-up of backpacks, accessories, and so on
It’s so helpful and trustful brand for me
Easily recommend to you who loves moving around with your camera gears

It was great to have extra space inside of backpack after swapping Pro ICU-Small to Navin
This is a way for you who prefer to have camera beside your hands all the time and it works agile

Compare tenting for ski shooting during winter to green seasons, volume of gears are much smaller and no freezing
I learned that this 62L backpack has enough capacity -I’m still very beginner of green season tenting-
BUT, just for my selfish feeling, I prefer Suhka (70L) at the end
It will be more gears and heavier with extra beer stuff, but I basically keep walking without jumping nor running……
This researching gears process to find suiting my style seems keep going forever

At the last……
This face that I want to ski / snowboard down one day
Finally I could peek from its peak (this angle is from ridge to bottom)

Someone who likes trekking with tent, please let me know
Possibly I can walk 7h/d…… 😉