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“Throw Back to April 2019”

The last month of Heisei era
Always unexpected stuff happens which is not just this month
Happy thing is this unplanned happening turns nicely safely
I can be flexible when I go with less greed
Better to be simple than too much asking for what impossible to get
Can I go unselfish style for the last period of 18-19 winter season, which start with new name of era, Reiwa?

I got another reason to come back to Hokkaido again

Relying on “Find My iPhone” in 15h later is quite shocking blunder at BC are

This Phoenix gave me a chance to find my iPhone after a few seconds of seaching at snow slope!?

Another Steps of Brown Bear with its scary Claw mark

We work until late, sometime

Praying at Shrine on the top of mountain

Yummy Juice for elder’s at Furano

It happens when it happens, great to visit here 1st time

Decaying trees by nature or human factor?

Investigate this rending interesting tool (Insta360 EVO)

Sounded like lots of opportunity to welcome the last POW for Heisei

“Throw Back to March 2019”

Plans came in to stay at Main Island most of the this month.
I feel myself soaking in Freedom World but I kind of know that the reality is not that freewheeling.
It’s hard to understand its restriction in the word of freedom and I finally found that my mind get confused by that word, “FREEDOM“!
I guess this mean is proving my growth? I’m still just a boy, keep stepping ahead to be a solid human 🙂

Spring condition arrived suddenly, but we know there is good winter condition at up higher!

Unexpected Leftover-Pow underneath of chair lift!!!

Thank you for the article expense to taste Sakes 😉

Wherever good secret Pow spot, I can see his big smile in print

Infiltrate into rumored field, “Minenohara Kogen Ski Field” with Itaru-Channel and made our blurred clear!

Where is the Lights? People? Its potential must be a lot to have good ski scene!

Unforgettable opportunity to have this view at just outside of big window, brilliant refreshment before breakfast

Finally I made it where I had been dreaming ages to visit in winter time

350 days since I met him at out of magazine, so stoked to have this great shooting trip with you, “Manmaru Farm

Special double topping of Natto on Vibes Curry is ROCK @ Masala Curris

Am I happy of this fresh snow on Spring snow?

What a strange night… I found one of my french friend left this world on SNS and we had appointment to have dinner at this french restaurant R.I.P Thomas 😉

Met with crazy bikers at the middle of cold mountain road

Owner of this shop “Transit Higashikawa“, his knowledge and explanation is too good and fun to decide the one to buy. Everything looks so interesting!

Head for the East to see the landscape

Second time to replace this Headlight in 2 years sounds not so nice to have not-original product on this car? Anyway, I surprised myself that I had replacement bulb in my car

There are much more Onsen in amazing locations

Sightseeing, under the nameof location Scouting

Crab Ramen Noodle in local price, simply ingredient taste at the most eastern place of Japan

Take a shot because its date is always in my mind

I’m from Aichi, which is same surface area of the Northern Territories

By Google Map, maybe just me, I often get trap like this closed road for winter, very narrow street at residential area, quite bumpy road, etc

Relieving moment to find artificial sign in forest

My tent debuted for winter mountain scene

Dinner at winter camping was 2 packs of instant noodle without Guide-Chef Maeda-X

Brown Bear steps followed sign of summer path in primeval forest for spring starving

Several hours ski tour by the instant influence of greed

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“Throw Back to February 2019”

February started flying back home from SIA at Denver.
I just remember a matter that I always find something minor problems on my gears in the last minutes to head for trips.
It was happened this time again.
Thought, it normally not fatal one……, lucky me.
This month’s schedule was totally out of my control.
Well, this mean is I didn’t need to decide by myself what I need to do, where to go, etc.
It’s so easy! I’m not good to decide what to do quickly in good timing anyway, so that this follow the flow style is great for me!?

First time train at USA (from downtown to airport)

Enjoyed to fix damaged part

Chilling out on deep, soft and gentle Pow during mid-winter’s slopes at Geto Kogen

When we visit family restaurant, I find that this guy is obsessed by Ramen noodle

So convenient to do shopping via PC…, got this gasoline stove to start rice-cooking in frozen morning

As a model to ride down at banked course after 50M crossing a slope was the first snowboarding day of this winter for me

A few nights relax space visiting at Guesthouse Zu-Thônes Hakuba


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“Throw Back to January 2019”

There were no wrench parting with nice welcoming new year moment at main island, drove on Ferry for Hokkaido.
I couldn’t sort the plan out in my brain at all to do researching locations, shooting, airplane, driving, charging energy and so on, then I don’t want to calculate how many days I spent on that big north island after paying traffic fees.
At least, I should be thankful for this full-life-like days! 🙂

Lots of snow on slopes but still not enough to fill all streams for open those area at this point, stay calm and keep that energy for later

Fine adjustment of gears happen at BC for beginning of season, should have nice handy tool in pocket-Click Carabiners

Testing event of New Year’s Model of K2 Japan is always FUN

Sharing Japow at Niseko Grand Hirafu with FWT athletes

Former FWT Queen, Lorraine Huber pacify the Lion

To follow Ayana Onozuka at X Games in Aspen, it was my 4th trip for it

I really like and enjoyed this restaurant to feel The America-my own impression, with this waitress action

The most important schedule is keep the time to taste local brewery liquid at local bars for Apré Ski

First time in my life to have this thick and YUM beefsteak! I can’t say THANKs enough to you, Mr K2 Japan!

I found a old friend after many many years at SIA and he was standing at a new brand booth “FW“, he is the man!

I got this chocolate at evening from SHRED. booth, it didn’t stay long in my pocket to keep until next meal time

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“Throw Back to December 2018”

I kicked-off another ski season at Geto Kogen Resort again.
We have lack of snow for beginning season for ski firld in past couple of years, but this place, Geto always start winter with enough amount of snow to open all grooming slopes.
Thanks for this filled knee-or-deeper powder snow on slopes which is so gentle to my body.
While many of you should have exciting plan for X’mas night, I had peaceful & mellow hours with my friend’s family.
Then I was sitting in front of TV for the end of 2018. What a luxury night, it was!
Last several years, I was by myself at somewhere parking lot and fell in sleep quite early time.
Thanks for that huge different to be in this luxury space.
I can say “All’s Well That Ends Well”?

Full of PowPow on Slope @Geto Kogen Resort

I visited a Tokoname-Local friend at neighbor town and he gave me treating with more than enough number of Oysters

Friend’s daughter fell in sleep right after X’mas cake Cutting and adults keep drinking……

It’s not storm, kind of normal at that area

I don’t remember the last time to watch this Japanese traditional TV program for the last night of the year. Though, I just wanted to watch and listen this lady’s singing.

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== 20190110 ~道具/Tool~ ==


Everyone has each different conveniences
It depends, we need to create good imagination like this……

いざという時のために『CLiCK CARABINER』!!!

Sometime, it’s adjustable with fine tuning
We should have a small tool in the mountain just in case
This is quite nice one, “CLiCK CARABINER“!!!

今シーズンもしい冬にしましょう 🙂

Let’s have FUN winter 🙂

== 20190104 ~House Of Beyond~ ==

House Of Beyond
のぞいてみてくださいね 🙂

I am introduced on a website
House Of Beyond
I met him when I went to NZ with Working Holiday Visa
So glad to remember me!
Thanks Matt!
Click picture above to jump for the page about me!
Please check it out 🙂

“Be Kind to Your Eyes”

Though, I don’t feel the end of year’s temperature yet
Strange, but it’s getting colder and colder at least!
Sun doesn’t go up high while these colder months
And now, don’t you get Dazzle while your driving!!?
Its Dazzle come from inside of front-glass!!?

Sunglasses with Polarized lens could help it to be gentle
I feel my eyes get relax after reduce this dazzle
I just thought about this topic while driving, so I didn’t have time to take photo for this……
So, this photo is NOT from driving
Still this sunglasses is as same brand as my regularly use one and my favorite, Fullon Eyewear

Excuse this patronage, but they are supporting me and very nice
Its Cost Performance is brilliant
If you are not good at polarized lens, there are some UV cut products as well

Personally, I drive hours often during winter
I’m trying to make me comfy for as much as I can
Keep better Music Sound with full of gears in my car…
Secure a flat space to Lie Down whenever I want to have nap……
Choose Manual Transmission………

Please try it on when you find it at somewhere in shop
And then you will LOVE it
Fullon Eyewear

“Snowy Magazine”

Will it be really Poor-Snow winter, do you think?
Well, there is not much good news for Snow Falling……
Now, it’s time to believe for arrival of cold air
Magazines comes out with lots of great contents these days
I’m ready to go riding, though

Interview pages about Freeriding
It’s interesting for me to find how other people think and feel

FREERUN_Nov issue

Wakana Hama, she opened the door to FWT

Fall Line_2018 Vol.2

Xavier De Le Rue
For me, I’m satisfied with this interview because I could talk my selfish old story to him
Of course, it is full of his valuable words and interesting stories

There is great feeling to touch paper-book than inside of thin electric tablet
I prefer to watch pictures on magazine
I prefer magazine because I can gaze words
Please grab it and get ready for snowy nature world!

f-stop “Petit Info from A Lot”

Go to trekking because I got a tent and just want to use it 🙂

Tenting several days ago
f-stop, Satori EXP (62Lolder model) with Pro ICU-Small (padded protection box)
Here is how it looked like at that time

Tenting at the last time
Exchanged to Navin (individual camera case) from Pro ICU
I put Navin at chest area for walking around (no photo image……)
I took Satori EXP as same as before
Carrying gears were almost same-same as before
I took this photo right after I did striking my tent……

Strap which fixes mattress at the bottom of backpack is,,,
Gatekeeper Strap“, produced also by f-stop
It is their original accessory that means suit well, easy to use and so covenient ◎

Here is another petit video to show how it looks different in size-wise between Pro ICU-Small vs. Navin
Can you find it from this?
Navin is adjustable its depth due to which lens you put on your camera

Considering their line-up of backpacks, accessories, and so on
It’s so helpful and trustful brand for me
Easily recommend to you who loves moving around with your camera gears

It was great to have extra space inside of backpack after swapping Pro ICU-Small to Navin
This is a way for you who prefer to have camera beside your hands all the time and it works agile

Compare tenting for ski shooting during winter to green seasons, volume of gears are much smaller and no freezing
I learned that this 62L backpack has enough capacity -I’m still very beginner of green season tenting-
BUT, just for my selfish feeling, I prefer Suhka (70L) at the end
It will be more gears and heavier with extra beer stuff, but I basically keep walking without jumping nor running……
This researching gears process to find suiting my style seems keep going forever

At the last……
This face that I want to ski / snowboard down one day
Finally I could peek from its peak (this angle is from ridge to bottom)

Someone who likes trekking with tent, please let me know
Possibly I can walk 7h/d…… 😉