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” f-stop Gear”

f-stop, a brand that specializes in storing ~ carrying Camera Gears
Mine was under ultraviolet, humidity, weight, centrifugal force, and so on for 4 years
I go shooting for outdoor activities, so that I use it quite random sometime
Well, I have never get any major problems
Trastworth” is serious matter for us, for everyone
Though, all materials have Ageing issue which we normally can’t avoid
I believe that there is no gears which perfectly suit to everyone……
But here, this backpack is almost The One which I only need!
This spring while I have time at home.., changed my partner to new one but same model

I have few other products for different situations
Then I pick this one especially during winter-skiing shooting
Tilopa” from f-stop

Obviously I can see the faded colors
I also find suface fabrics are worn out when I put new and old together

Though, this Tilopa design is excellent since it created
But then I found there is new minor change……
It gets closer to my idealにwhich makes me stoked!
This kind of tiny update gives more extra chance to be calm in nature 😉

Like this amazing Outdoor style brand “f-stop” created New product!
Launched High Quality Mask with 3 layers construction
It should effect well to COVID-19, also good to have it for our future environment?
It gives more chances for my nicer life from Mountains to Town 🙂

Washable means much less impact to our mother nature, I think

Let’s check its detail out at their website 🙂

『f-stop : エフ ストップ』


f-stopの「Tilopa : ティローパ


こんな小さい違いが気持ちに余裕をもたせてくれる 😉

からまで頼り尽くしていけそうです 🙂

しくはf-stop Gearのホームページを見てみてくださいね 🙂



もう少しサッカーをしたいからしゃ〜ない 😉


11月上旬発売の『Fall Line 2020 vol.2


そして、11月末に発売された『WHITE MOUNTAIN 2020




“This Information is NOT Forgotten, I Always Calculate It”

Changing Seasons settle like Unsettled these days…… (make sense?)
Ski Feilds kick off the new season, anyway!

My friend’s SNS showing their Skiing Topic everyday
Then I tell myself “Don’t rush, it’s not the time for me”
Because I still want to play Soccer a little bit more 😉

So, here is informations about magazines publication after a while since their publication day
Perhaps some of you missedし that day and forgotten now?

Fall Line 2020 vol.2“, beginning of Nov in store
As usual, this one has full of great Stories to read and Photos to watch

Visiting Local’s” is here again after vol.1

And then, “WHITE MOUNTAIN 2020” which is store at end of Nov

Adventure story with Shikaichi Ueki and  Jerry Williams at New Zealand a few years ago is on this magazine
We had hard time to find good weather for trip, at the end I’m so happy to join to this crew

Also there is another one about featuring Hakuba, thanks for that spreading pages!

Anyway, snow season starts now
Magazine gives more time to read and watch as much as you like by your pace, then thanks for internet for giving so many movies to watch
Let’s enjoy 19-20 Winter at wherever you go!!!

“Throw Back to May 2019”

Our Emperor was changed at the end of May.
Thank you for Heisei, and welcome to Reiwa!
There was strange atmosphere for this winter with some late snow falls.
I spent days at Tohoku area at the beginning
Then I headed to Myoko~Shinshu area for the ending
Though, I hadn’t decide which date I finish this winter……
On its Next day, I visited my friend’s place and helped his preparation for next winter
At home, “BRAVOSKI” magazine waited for me with fascinating gears for ’19-’20
Well, I will enjoy green season with playing Soccer!

Welcome the new Era “Reiwa” at Geto Kogen, Iwate

First time to visit here at Hachimantai, and check how much snow still staying on other hills

Very Spring Scenery at Geto Kogen

Peaceful Beech Forest around Gassan

Enjoyed Film-Crust and Winds at the same time around Gassan

More chance to enjoy evening sky at downtown

Nothing hard, just needing longer distance to walk

I finally could come to see at this point

One shot for my own track for myself ski touring

Both of smell and sound of ocean makes me calm

Visit JWSC to watch the Legend drawing

One of my favorite place to do ending snow season

Suspicious cloud seems just interesting from far away

I just simply choose heavy backpack to sleep in tent for spring touring

Longer and mellow nice skiing down this time

I hope to get down to car smoothly next time……

Change tires, make the room lighter in a few days of solid-home time

Another place for ending snow Season trip

Combos of Pond & Rock & Snow & Green & Birds

Descent from the peak became the last one for 18-19, I guess 😉

Chopping firewoods by Chain Saw for next winter

I guess I could finish another winter safely
Thanks for seeing and sharing time with me whoever I met at wherever 🙂

“Throw Back to April 2019”

The last month of Heisei era
Always unexpected stuff happens which is not just this month
Happy thing is this unplanned happening turns nicely safely
I can be flexible when I go with less greed
Better to be simple than too much asking for what impossible to get
Can I go unselfish style for the last period of 18-19 winter season, which start with new name of era, Reiwa?

I got another reason to come back to Hokkaido again

Relying on “Find My iPhone” in 15h later is quite shocking blunder at BC are

This Phoenix gave me a chance to find my iPhone after a few seconds of seaching at snow slope!?

Another Steps of Brown Bear with its scary Claw mark

We work until late, sometime

Praying at Shrine on the top of mountain

Yummy Juice for elder’s at Furano

It happens when it happens, great to visit here 1st time

Decaying trees by nature or human factor?

Investigate this rending interesting tool (Insta360 EVO)

Sounded like lots of opportunity to welcome the last POW for Heisei

“Throw Back to March 2019”

Plans came in to stay at Main Island most of the this month.
I feel myself soaking in Freedom World but I kind of know that the reality is not that freewheeling.
It’s hard to understand its restriction in the word of freedom and I finally found that my mind get confused by that word, “FREEDOM“!
I guess this mean is proving my growth? I’m still just a boy, keep stepping ahead to be a solid human 🙂

Spring condition arrived suddenly, but we know there is good winter condition at up higher!

Unexpected Leftover-Pow underneath of chair lift!!!

Thank you for the article expense to taste Sakes 😉

Wherever good secret Pow spot, I can see his big smile in print

Infiltrate into rumored field, “Minenohara Kogen Ski Field” with Itaru-Channel and made our blurred clear!

Where is the Lights? People? Its potential must be a lot to have good ski scene!

Unforgettable opportunity to have this view at just outside of big window, brilliant refreshment before breakfast

Finally I made it where I had been dreaming ages to visit in winter time

350 days since I met him at out of magazine, so stoked to have this great shooting trip with you, “Manmaru Farm

Special double topping of Natto on Vibes Curry is ROCK @ Masala Curris

Am I happy of this fresh snow on Spring snow?

What a strange night… I found one of my french friend left this world on SNS and we had appointment to have dinner at this french restaurant R.I.P Thomas 😉

Met with crazy bikers at the middle of cold mountain road

Owner of this shop “Transit Higashikawa“, his knowledge and explanation is too good and fun to decide the one to buy. Everything looks so interesting!

Head for the East to see the landscape

Second time to replace this Headlight in 2 years sounds not so nice to have not-original product on this car? Anyway, I surprised myself that I had replacement bulb in my car

There are much more Onsen in amazing locations

Sightseeing, under the nameof location Scouting

Crab Ramen Noodle in local price, simply ingredient taste at the most eastern place of Japan

Take a shot because its date is always in my mind

I’m from Aichi, which is same surface area of the Northern Territories

By Google Map, maybe just me, I often get trap like this closed road for winter, very narrow street at residential area, quite bumpy road, etc

Relieving moment to find artificial sign in forest

My tent debuted for winter mountain scene

Dinner at winter camping was 2 packs of instant noodle without Guide-Chef Maeda-X

Brown Bear steps followed sign of summer path in primeval forest for spring starving

Several hours ski tour by the instant influence of greed

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“Throw Back to February 2019”

February started flying back home from SIA at Denver.
I just remember a matter that I always find something minor problems on my gears in the last minutes to head for trips.
It was happened this time again.
Thought, it normally not fatal one……, lucky me.
This month’s schedule was totally out of my control.
Well, this mean is I didn’t need to decide by myself what I need to do, where to go, etc.
It’s so easy! I’m not good to decide what to do quickly in good timing anyway, so that this follow the flow style is great for me!?

First time train at USA (from downtown to airport)

Enjoyed to fix damaged part

Chilling out on deep, soft and gentle Pow during mid-winter’s slopes at Geto Kogen

When we visit family restaurant, I find that this guy is obsessed by Ramen noodle

So convenient to do shopping via PC…, got this gasoline stove to start rice-cooking in frozen morning

As a model to ride down at banked course after 50M crossing a slope was the first snowboarding day of this winter for me

A few nights relax space visiting at Guesthouse Zu-Thônes Hakuba


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“Throw Back to January 2019”

There were no wrench parting with nice welcoming new year moment at main island, drove on Ferry for Hokkaido.
I couldn’t sort the plan out in my brain at all to do researching locations, shooting, airplane, driving, charging energy and so on, then I don’t want to calculate how many days I spent on that big north island after paying traffic fees.
At least, I should be thankful for this full-life-like days! 🙂

Lots of snow on slopes but still not enough to fill all streams for open those area at this point, stay calm and keep that energy for later

Fine adjustment of gears happen at BC for beginning of season, should have nice handy tool in pocket-Click Carabiners

Testing event of New Year’s Model of K2 Japan is always FUN

Sharing Japow at Niseko Grand Hirafu with FWT athletes

Former FWT Queen, Lorraine Huber pacify the Lion

To follow Ayana Onozuka at X Games in Aspen, it was my 4th trip for it

I really like and enjoyed this restaurant to feel The America-my own impression, with this waitress action

The most important schedule is keep the time to taste local brewery liquid at local bars for Apré Ski

First time in my life to have this thick and YUM beefsteak! I can’t say THANKs enough to you, Mr K2 Japan!

I found a old friend after many many years at SIA and he was standing at a new brand booth “FW“, he is the man!

I got this chocolate at evening from SHRED. booth, it didn’t stay long in my pocket to keep until next meal time

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“Throw Back to December 2018”

I kicked-off another ski season at Geto Kogen Resort again.
We have lack of snow for beginning season for ski firld in past couple of years, but this place, Geto always start winter with enough amount of snow to open all grooming slopes.
Thanks for this filled knee-or-deeper powder snow on slopes which is so gentle to my body.
While many of you should have exciting plan for X’mas night, I had peaceful & mellow hours with my friend’s family.
Then I was sitting in front of TV for the end of 2018. What a luxury night, it was!
Last several years, I was by myself at somewhere parking lot and fell in sleep quite early time.
Thanks for that huge different to be in this luxury space.
I can say “All’s Well That Ends Well”?

Full of PowPow on Slope @Geto Kogen Resort

I visited a Tokoname-Local friend at neighbor town and he gave me treating with more than enough number of Oysters

Friend’s daughter fell in sleep right after X’mas cake Cutting and adults keep drinking……

It’s not storm, kind of normal at that area

I don’t remember the last time to watch this Japanese traditional TV program for the last night of the year. Though, I just wanted to watch and listen this lady’s singing.

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