Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021

by takkahero

Honored News!!!

One of the biggest photo / movie contest for action sports “Red Bull Illume
The latest one is in 2021 since the last one in 2019. It was normally held every 3 years time before.

All those images which showed in its website are fabulous images and influenced a lot
They all have strong character and amaze talent
Among those sort of works……
This time……

One of mine was selected as a semi-finalist!!!

Category is “Lifestyle by COOPH

No hard effort to consider for ideas
No time limit to go that interesting location
I didn’t ask any posing to them
It was a moment of “Just a Part of Our Day” during winter

Actually, we don’t Onsen soaking like this at the middle of snowy mountain everyday
It was just a Drop-In on the way to the main terrain for shooting due to weather condition

It’s hornored to share feeling of our winter life atmosphere with its Judges and valued our it
This Photo is 99.99% no decoration, it’s pretty much us like we are as usual
Please check its detail when you have time ⇩⇩⇩

I love to take photos like this capturing atmosphere, though…
Still I prefer to be evaluated action shots which is the first purpose
So, I keep going with more effort to enjoy my time

Winter 21-22 is almost there now!!!