“This Information is NOT Forgotten, I Always Calculate It”

by takkahero

Changing Seasons settle like Unsettled these days…… (make sense?)
Ski Feilds kick off the new season, anyway!

My friend’s SNS showing their Skiing Topic everyday
Then I tell myself “Don’t rush, it’s not the time for me”
Because I still want to play Soccer a little bit more 😉

So, here is informations about magazines publication after a while since their publication day
Perhaps some of you missedし that day and forgotten now?

Fall Line 2020 vol.2“, beginning of Nov in store
As usual, this one has full of great Stories to read and Photos to watch

Visiting Local’s” is here again after vol.1

And then, “WHITE MOUNTAIN 2020” which is store at end of Nov

Adventure story with Shikaichi Ueki and  Jerry Williams at New Zealand a few years ago is on this magazine
We had hard time to find good weather for trip, at the end I’m so happy to join to this crew

Also there is another one about featuring Hakuba, thanks for that spreading pages!

Anyway, snow season starts now
Magazine gives more time to read and watch as much as you like by your pace, then thanks for internet for giving so many movies to watch
Let’s enjoy 19-20 Winter at wherever you go!!!