“Throw Back to March 2019”

by takkahero

Plans came in to stay at Main Island most of the this month.
I feel myself soaking in Freedom World but I kind of know that the reality is not that freewheeling.
It’s hard to understand its restriction in the word of freedom and I finally found that my mind get confused by that word, “FREEDOM“!
I guess this mean is proving my growth? I’m still just a boy, keep stepping ahead to be a solid human 🙂

Spring condition arrived suddenly, but we know there is good winter condition at up higher!

Unexpected Leftover-Pow underneath of chair lift!!!

Thank you for the article expense to taste Sakes 😉

Wherever good secret Pow spot, I can see his big smile in print

Infiltrate into rumored field, “Minenohara Kogen Ski Field” with Itaru-Channel and made our blurred clear!

Where is the Lights? People? Its potential must be a lot to have good ski scene!

Unforgettable opportunity to have this view at just outside of big window, brilliant refreshment before breakfast

Finally I made it where I had been dreaming ages to visit in winter time

350 days since I met him at out of magazine, so stoked to have this great shooting trip with you, “Manmaru Farm

Special double topping of Natto on Vibes Curry is ROCK @ Masala Curris

Am I happy of this fresh snow on Spring snow?

What a strange night… I found one of my french friend left this world on SNS and we had appointment to have dinner at this french restaurant R.I.P Thomas 😉

Met with crazy bikers at the middle of cold mountain road

Owner of this shop “Transit Higashikawa“, his knowledge and explanation is too good and fun to decide the one to buy. Everything looks so interesting!

Head for the East to see the landscape

Second time to replace this Headlight in 2 years sounds not so nice to have not-original product on this car? Anyway, I surprised myself that I had replacement bulb in my car

There are much more Onsen in amazing locations

Sightseeing, under the nameof location Scouting

Crab Ramen Noodle in local price, simply ingredient taste at the most eastern place of Japan

Take a shot because its date is always in my mind

I’m from Aichi, which is same surface area of the Northern Territories

By Google Map, maybe just me, I often get trap like this closed road for winter, very narrow street at residential area, quite bumpy road, etc

Relieving moment to find artificial sign in forest

My tent debuted for winter mountain scene

Dinner at winter camping was 2 packs of instant noodle without Guide-Chef Maeda-X

Brown Bear steps followed sign of summer path in primeval forest for spring starving

Several hours ski tour by the instant influence of greed

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