“Throw Back to February 2019”

by takkahero

February started flying back home from SIA at Denver.
I just remember a matter that I always find something minor problems on my gears in the last minutes to head for trips.
It was happened this time again.
Thought, it normally not fatal one……, lucky me.
This month’s schedule was totally out of my control.
Well, this mean is I didn’t need to decide by myself what I need to do, where to go, etc.
It’s so easy! I’m not good to decide what to do quickly in good timing anyway, so that this follow the flow style is great for me!?

First time train at USA (from downtown to airport)

Enjoyed to fix damaged part

Chilling out on deep, soft and gentle Pow during mid-winter’s slopes at Geto Kogen

When we visit family restaurant, I find that this guy is obsessed by Ramen noodle

So convenient to do shopping via PC…, got this gasoline stove to start rice-cooking in frozen morning

As a model to ride down at banked course after 50M crossing a slope was the first snowboarding day of this winter for me

A few nights relax space visiting at Guesthouse Zu-Thônes Hakuba


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