“Throw Back to December 2018”

by takkahero

I kicked-off another ski season at Geto Kogen Resort again.
We have lack of snow for beginning season for ski firld in past couple of years, but this place, Geto always start winter with enough amount of snow to open all grooming slopes.
Thanks for this filled knee-or-deeper powder snow on slopes which is so gentle to my body.
While many of you should have exciting plan for X’mas night, I had peaceful & mellow hours with my friend’s family.
Then I was sitting in front of TV for the end of 2018. What a luxury night, it was!
Last several years, I was by myself at somewhere parking lot and fell in sleep quite early time.
Thanks for that huge different to be in this luxury space.
I can say “All’s Well That Ends Well”?

Full of PowPow on Slope @Geto Kogen Resort

I visited a Tokoname-Local friend at neighbor town and he gave me treating with more than enough number of Oysters

Friend’s daughter fell in sleep right after X’mas cake Cutting and adults keep drinking……

It’s not storm, kind of normal at that area

I don’t remember the last time to watch this Japanese traditional TV program for the last night of the year. Though, I just wanted to watch and listen this lady’s singing.

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