“Throw Back to April 2019”

by takkahero

The last month of Heisei era
Always unexpected stuff happens which is not just this month
Happy thing is this unplanned happening turns nicely safely
I can be flexible when I go with less greed
Better to be simple than too much asking for what impossible to get
Can I go unselfish style for the last period of 18-19 winter season, which start with new name of era, Reiwa?

I got another reason to come back to Hokkaido again

Relying on “Find My iPhone” in 15h later is quite shocking blunder at BC are

This Phoenix gave me a chance to find my iPhone after a few seconds of seaching at snow slope!?

Another Steps of Brown Bear with its scary Claw mark

We work until late, sometime

Praying at Shrine on the top of mountain

Yummy Juice for elder’s at Furano

It happens when it happens, great to visit here 1st time

Decaying trees by nature or human factor?

Investigate this rending interesting tool (Insta360 EVO)

Sounded like lots of opportunity to welcome the last POW for Heisei