“Be Kind to Your Eyes”

by takkahero

Though, I don’t feel the end of year’s temperature yet
Strange, but it’s getting colder and colder at least!
Sun doesn’t go up high while these colder months
And now, don’t you get Dazzle while your driving!!?
Its Dazzle come from inside of front-glass!!?

Sunglasses with Polarized lens could help it to be gentle
I feel my eyes get relax after reduce this dazzle
I just thought about this topic while driving, so I didn’t have time to take photo for this……
So, this photo is NOT from driving
Still this sunglasses is as same brand as my regularly use one and my favorite, Fullon Eyewear

Excuse this patronage, but they are supporting me and very nice
Its Cost Performance is brilliant
If you are not good at polarized lens, there are some UV cut products as well

Personally, I drive hours often during winter
I’m trying to make me comfy for as much as I can
Keep better Music Sound with full of gears in my car…
Secure a flat space to Lie Down whenever I want to have nap……
Choose Manual Transmission………

Please try it on when you find it at somewhere in shop
And then you will LOVE it
Fullon Eyewear