by takkahero

I introduced it couple of times already, f-stop
I need to have more chance to introduce them because I don’t think I’ve done well about it yet, never happen I guess 😉

Quick run & shoot my favorite model beside sign, “No Run, No Swing” for this rope bridge
I don’t like anyone in this frame so……


I go with this model almost all the time whenever I go shooting for A day
Easy to adjust space of inside with exchanging ICU (Internal Camera Units)
There is nice size pockets which fit for some extra stuff
There is just enough number of straps which makes outside simple and tidy
There are extra loops to add optional straps
They have smaller size models……, still I really like this model!

Left side of TILOPA with moss-green colored backpack is the largest model


There is something in TILOPA, and empty for SHINN
Excuse me, but please image how difference between those size are……
It looks similar looks as TILOPA and so nice to handle it!
No problems for a few days trip in nature, but then it would be heavy, though……
I had been walking, climbing and sliding with SHINN for several days
Big volume but easy to adjust packing size with compression straps which is so nice to play with!

Though, you don’t have to put camera gears in it
Though, it’s possible to use it as a usual backpack
I strongly suggest that their design are best to think with camera gears

They have another model-line-up for downtown using, URBAN series are also beautiful!
You can check URBAN series from here, Tokyo Photo Crawl
Some useful accessories to check to spend hours to watch 😉

I will do introducing them again shortly
f-stop 🙂