“LEVEL Glove 17-18”

by takkahero

Introducing 2 models from LEVEL Gloves 17-18 winter!

This is one of the most necessary gear for me
I do not deny you guys who prefer bare hand style……

Here is some of reasons why I use gloves
・I do NOT like cold
・It helps to reduce the % of hurting hands when I fall down
・It’s almost impossible for me to handle other gears without gloves in the COLD
・As a Fashion


2 other designs for this model, SNEAKER and UTAH
When you gaze it, you can find its interesting design!!!
MONTANA, this looks Sorel-ish, doesn’t it? Drawing on palm side is as its sole design??
SNEAKER appears since 14-15 winter and it look like just Sneaker-like design
And UTAH seems like Work boots with vibram sole
I like these creative design as well
Soft Goat Leather gives very comfortableness, also the warmth is promised (depends on person…)


This comfortableness is again, Great
Leather gives its soft feeling then when it used to your hands, it becomes Superb!
I prefer Mitten and so I picked up its mitten model
There are 3 colors include this Beige, then Black and Brown
The seams comes at outside which I think cool idea 🙂

Rather than these, heaps other will be lined up
For women, for kids, for racers, for spring, for halfpipe and for inner as well
Also lots of accessories stuff like ski pole or beanies there!

LEVEL Gloves