“Nobile Ski”

by takkahero

Nobile, which factory is locating in Poland and this is their original brand
This factory also manufactures some other big name brands
Scimente imports this brand as Japanese distributor
Scimente imports Ski’s Tune-Up Machine which is their main job
What a helpful support I have!

I got new ski from them for Next Season
Supreme 188 (140.7 / 105 / 120.3 mm – 24 m)

I was using its same model but shorter and skinnier, 178cm and less than 100mm for underfoot
I was thinking that I want to have just a little bit wider waist in last a few years……
At the end, I got chance to Grab this size
I will adjust this length somehow 😉

In fact, I wanted to have another model
Unfortunatelly it won’t come to Japan for now so……

For me, ski is one of the tool to move around easily on snow
If I only have One ski, then this is my own answer so far

The most Important condition is how comfortable to go moving around with Camera Gears

I try to listen other people’s advice but still keep what my feeling is 🙂