“As My 16-17 Snow Season was Over!”

I made finish for my 16-17 snow season by Tokyo Walking-Visiting Tour in last week
I wonder why I can’t remember what I did during winter Immediately……
This is one of my big problem these few years?
Perhaps my Capacity to manage schedule is way too tiny to handle it???

Got home after several months, chuck gears into my room from my car
My room seems like having Less Space than my small car

Washing days with Gratitude for my gears still continue……

I hadn’t done tidying all stuff up but it’s Time to go!
I decided to go with my Sweet Home/Car instead of taking easy BUS riding this time 🙂

People who welcome me with their great Smile
People who I met First Time
People who kept hours for me to have Drink or Lunch
People who gave me Advice with deep Discussion (actually I almost just listening…)
Thank you so much for your Valuable hours
Really Appreciate It!!!

At the end, I walked Quite a Bit, one of reason was because where I stayed
Actually I had extra distance due to I Lost the Way couple of times
Well, if I didn’t miss that Last Train at that night, it could be over 90km 😉

Maybe it will be 100km next time!!?

I got new item when I visited GUMP
model (FBL 049) from Fullon Eyewear
Light Gray lens × Matte Black frame in this photo
It has other lens color as Silver Mirror, Light Blue and Smoke (Gray)
Thicker frame gets strong impression around your eyes!

The Ratio of gradation gets stronger and stronger
I Guess it won’t be whiter than this
Is it time to Change finally……?
Though, I’m happy to be spoiled your Kindness…, anyone 😉

Still things to be done by soon but I only can go with my pace 🙂