“Fullon Eyewear Spring/Summer 2017 model”

by takkahero

Summer with glaring sun is……, coming here soon
Still, don’t you feel the light already bright enough!!?

After your pocket get hungry after your Skiing Days, but I guess you still have some coins in your pocket
So, here is an Idea how to use it……

I picked 3 of them up from this Spring/Summer model!
I wear them as long as there is some Light around me, Fullon Eyewear
These 3 are all come with Polarizing Lens

As a sample, I attached extra photo at up-right side on each photos for your imagination

FBL 043-6
Black frame × Blue Mirror lens

FBL 018-17
Matte Black / Yellow Frame × Yellow Mirror lens

FBL 047-2
Brown Wood frame × Brown lens

Fit well, comfortable
Handy Price 😉
Let’s go out with these Stylish Colors with protecting eyes 🙂

By the way, I don’t know if you can buy it at other countries except for Japan

Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear
Fullon Eyewear