“K2 Japan @ Niseko Moiwa 2017”

K2 Japan presents at Niseko Moiwa
I visited this event again, a few years in a row
My staying at their accommodation was just the first night by my decision

Chatting with great people after dinner is always so much fun!
そJust a small part of these empty bottles prove it easily

This time, there was a Pro Pianist and she performed for 1 hour
What a wide-open connection K2 has!
It was first time to listen like that piano in my life and I was impressed by that live sounds 🙂
There were only Skier or Snowboarder and so she picked really famous scores up for us

During daytime, I enjoyed testing new gears, 17-18
Though, this one was just stood on it at flat place
I enjoyed it with looking down under my feet. My Tele-Boots doesn’t fit to it……
This one is a product of LINE which is a brand of K2 Group

It didn’t care about Poor-Snow winter
Always Yuki-Snow showed up for this event schedule 😉
I believe that K2‘s nice atmosphere make this nature phenomenon happens!

こThis one, I tried & ride & tasted it
Backside support was added well
Embodied product from in a brain of Mr Taro Tamai aka Snowsurfer

Cornice grown on my car by wind while we enjoyed on snow……

Lovely dog of Lodge Woodpeckers waiting for guests come back from their playground

At the end, I visited that lodge almost every night during its event and shared those great atmosphere……
I like their Smiles!
It’s so interested how their product create by their happy atmosphere, isn’t it 🙂 🙂