“Osaka Trip at End of Autumn”

by takkahero

I went to Osaka at the end of November
Changed tires just in case, for a Expectation calling…

My plan is Kids-like style most of the time and so I called to a friend on that day, around in noon time
Still she came over for a coffee and sweets at a cafe for a few hours, so thanksful relation 🙂

It was pretty cold at a parking area in Nara prefecture and couldn’t sleep well…
I found a familiar stuff from last winter at next of my car in morning
Pro-Snowboarder, Itaru Fujinuma had joined to my bed-space during dark hours
Main Reason why I came to Osaka was..,
10th Anniversary Party for INDRES Formation!
This much Staffs ran around there

Fujinuma Band played well and made great atmosphere from its stage
This band supposed to be only for this party? It was superb performance, though!

Guitar/Vocal : Itaru Fujinuma (middle)
Guitar/Vocal : Ayumi Hamazaki (right)
Keyboard : Akity (left)
Drums : Priest (back-left)

I exhibited some photo-prints at 4th floor where someone could have chill out
I am so regret that I didn’t put its information at entrance…, well done me…

This party started before dinner time, then finished at 5am
Kind of surprised myself that I could remove all those photos by my hands easily 😉

Then next day…? Actually in that afternoon
I went to Umeda to see another friend
Immediately I lost the way in train station…

I was noticed that local knowledge is correct at this restaurant
I want to go back there again! But I don’t remember how to get there…

Relationship from Myoko
I look forward to go Osaka Touring in near future again!
Also I can’t wait to see you on snow!
Itaru Fujinuma × Taira “CHU” Nakayama


Returned to that area where we were in this morning, and had another small closing party
Tasted yummy Takoyaki
Spend time at an Izakaya where GrandMa staff talks with uncomfortable joke(?) that Tokoname-man can’t understand at all
Then we went to here to lead us Finishing
This place is good

It was pretty tough days
I’m having mellow time since I came back home to recover my……
Nope, I  need to start preparation for my sweet-home because there is some snow letters up there 🙂