“2016 Autumn/Winter Model”

by takkahero

Introduce 2 new sunglasses from Fullon who supports my eyes
Autumn/Winter of 2016 model

#FBL-043-7, polarized lens
I was waiting for this frame design with this color lens for a few years
This will be regular Eye-Company most of the time for this coming winter 🙂

And this is another one, #FBL-018-15 which comes with light gray colored lens and for sure, polarized
Comfy wearing in cloudy weather
Eyes are transparent nicely so that we should keep eyes stay in front 😉
And then, I’m expecting one thing on this lens
What that is…, I will tell you when I realized it
If that my image correct, lots of people will be interested in it

So, now, I can’t wait to escape into daytime-outdoor-world right now!