“Summer Vacation Drive”

by takkahero

Though, I could expect it easily
But still this “several days work-off” was notified suddenly
So, I just follow this currents and decided to go driving!
Where I made appointments was at northern Kanto area

At first, I visited ski-tune-up shop with my worn-out gears now
I handed them over to them despite sending it by courier with no-smile
I use them quite rough during winter… but…,
I guess its tuning-up works much better than your imagine, runs so nicely!!!
I feel free from a stress now 🙂

Mr Kaku in front of the shop, Scimente

Headed for a little bit north for afternoon’s under this freshy Blue-Sky with Hot temperature

I had been fancied an idea by myself but I found good company who also imagined similar stuff!
We had nice booze at this evening and we re-boozed at next evening 😉
I had great chatting with this sudden visiting 🙂

The Daylight Hours get shorter, isn’t it?
But still there is glaring and hot climates at outside
I always use this sun-glasses these days, Fullon Eyewear
I use polarized lens model often but this one is UV cut normal lens (#FOL 169-3)
It’s no polarized-influence when I look viewfinder of camera and so I can see more natural
I really like this brand because I can choose in each situations!
Very handy, so useful!!!
Fullon Eyewear

Another 4 months to next winter for TNP‘s real re-start……