“Walking Tour in Tokyo 2016”

by takkahero

A regular Spring event which I made for myself, Walking Tour in Tokyo
It was 3 nights 4 days tour this time

Low-Tech shoes on my feet

We can find many interesting moments if you don’t take public transportation
It’s so fun to see colorful people while I go on foot

There are still many places with trees & buildings

I was thinking to go to bed without drinking at that night
But why I could ignore the sudden meeting-again?
I turned back just a little bit and had tasty beers and interesting conversation
I found beers from Nagoya and so I took them as I come from Nagoya
It was nice with its strong taste & alcohol

My eyes get used to seeing Tokyo scenery but I still can find some interesting angles
I was noticed again that I should keep my chin up even though when I get tired
Try to keep my sight widely all the time 😉

Big sky spreads at middle of Tokyo

“!!? I know him because on TV!”
It wasn’t cute idol but still exciting moment for me-countryman

Lots of Streamlined structures
They built very well even though it’s not made by clay

Charging energy by sweat stuff before catching bus for home
Focus is on choco-powder… which is not normal sense in this frame, is it?

Thank you for all of you who gave me time to meet while your busy working hours
So now, I can’t wait for next winter already 🙂
Also, I’m sorry who I couldn’t introduce in here due to I forgot to take photos…
Should I go back to see you again and take photos, for myself…?

At the last, I used train couple of times due to appointment schedule
Though, I won’t go to Yokohama by walking
Totally I walked about 43km


I still had enough energy to keep walking but it wasn’t comfy with Low-Tech shoes
I will take another one next time

And now, I’m ready to go 🙂