“Still in Season 15-17”

by takkahero

I didn’t mistake about this Title
I’m still trying to find opportunities to go back on snow for 15-16!!!
But, New Gear catalog issue already comes out
Actually it is Double-Happy season now?

And now, I just want to introduce a glove which gear I take on & off so many times
A model “Stealth Mitt” from LEVEL Gloves
This model continues for next season, 16-17
There is useful functional Zip at tip of 4 fingers to open widely
As my job, I take it off then on much more times than other people and so it gets loosen quicker
Sometime I grab branch to climb up and come down the slope at bushy slopes
The damage in this photo is because I grab branch very hard to avoid rolling down…

I normally use it quite rough, but it seems still pretty good condition after my hard using rate 🙂
This glove is shown in the magazine at picture above Bravo Ski…, actually not
There is some other models which seems nice as well, on page One Hundred Seventeen 😉
There is another big advertisement pages at the forward area, LEVEL Gloves 🙂

Gears to keep warmth during cold winter
As well as gloves, socks is also quite important stuff, isn’t it?

Here is a tip from my experience
How to control the moisture is the key to avoid cold fingers and toes
If you get warm enough when you start the day, you sweat and it makes temperature cold
If you get too much layers, its pressure makes your blood current worse
My toes get colder easily but I changed socks from thick one to medium one
I take gloves off & on often so that makes moisture release without my purpose
Especially when I go skiing backcountry, I always pay attention about my sweating
I found that if I keep myself drier, I can hold my warmth quite easily

I don’t say it is the answer because each person has different constitution
At least I feel the high quality gear has wide range capacity
But, I don’t think there is the perfect gear for everything
Important matter is well-researching your own construction and habit!
Check the latest Magazine and find the one which you need
Ski season 16-17 has kicked off already 😉