“Koyaike Hutte”

by takkahero

I have had this plan in my mind since last spring

About 2 weeks before I wanted to leave to there
I asked to my company to go there to stay and do BC touring
And their reply was quick & positive one 🙂

Director of INDRES Formation, Atsushi Nakane (L) and Pro-Snowboarder Itaru Fujinuma (R) joined to us to do rehabilitation from his major injury and still keep doing rehabilitation hard now

テント寝袋、食It should be lighter on our back without tent and sleeping bag
But it was heavy again with my ski on backpack because I couldn’t do skinning without enough snow at bottom part…

New crampon seems happy to be used again

Breezy walking picture with mountain range behind

We had to put crampon on and off, ski on and off couple of times
Include a few times mini-rest, it took about 5.5 hours to get Hutte
No chance to get lost the way in that clear sky 😉

Lanterns at ceiling create typical mountain hut atmosphere

Though, we planned to go to the peak of Mt Hiuchi in 1st day…
Pretty strong wind started to blow…
Tight schedule for dinner time…
We felt some fatigue…
We chose to get lost in meditation on our prepared futon-bed for an hour

Happy dinner start at 17:30
Menu was Curry or/and Hayashi with rice which most of people loves and have them together!
Itaru flashed great idea for serving them to plate
Make Dam in the middle of plate and pour Curry and Hayashi at each side in once 🙂

Itaru explains to video how to serve and eat them

We bought Beer from that Hutte after our tummy get filled
What a luxury, we can buy Beer at middle of mountain now

I could see beautiful evening glow from window
There was magnificent from entrance angle!!!

Volcano, Yakeyama and its smoke with burnt sky

Cloud reflect the gradation of evening glow

Petit party between dinner to bed time before valuable light turned-off
Shunsuke Hoshino, good friend of Itaru joined us and had FUN chatting until the light off…

We continued party another 2 hours at Shunsuke’s (staff’s) room after the light matter, but it was also dark
Very interesting mountain-man-stories, no shooting for the day
It was substantial night, even though we only did walking up to here…

It was only us for Breakfast
So, Shunsuke make the time a little delay for lazy us (6:00→7:30)
We couldn’t refuse it because his advice about snow was, we should better to wait until it gets warmer 😉

We left hutte when the weather become nicer around at 10am
Huge trace by cornice drop in the distance…
Good to see the Warning
There is not only beautiful events in this mother nature

Itaru hiking up the ridge towart to peak of Mt Hiuchi, in front of Mt Myoko
This scenery is so impressive for me because I spent several winter around here before

Shunsuke caught up after his morning business
He works as a guide during winter and so he walks rapid

So now, this is the main event to do shooting of Riding
It’s usual situation that cloud hides sun when we ready for shooting and it happened again
Is this just my own belief? Imagination trouble?
Well, sky was filled by cloud pretty much at this time so we didn’t wait for it at all

Itaru telling us when he gets ready to Dropping-In

And then he disappeared from my Finder angle after couple of turns

We passed through beside Hutte after fun skiing down towards to another location
Sunshine came back around this time…, as usualW

We want to ski/snowboard down as much as we can on the way down
So we chose to visit Mt Mitahara which locate kind of roundabout route
This is the view when we get to higher ridge
Mt Myoko comes so close like this suddenly!!!
This panoramic view is amazing, worth to watch and it scored our main event of this trip… 😉

Having lunch with Mt Myoko view, also the slope where we go down at another side
Blue sky here whenever we are not Shooting mode…

We walked hours and so we used lots of energy but it was so nice to feel nature
A small trip with fear of Bear activation from hibernation

I realised again that staying mountain hut is NICE & FUN!
Backcountry continues forever 🙂