“Blessing of Homy Area”

by takkahero

My snow season is keep going according with there is some snow stays at higher elevation
I headed back to home for a few days while I found some free days in spring
Left some gears which I don’t need for spring, enjoy laundry, sleep on my comfy Futon, etc

Also I switched tires to 3 seasons one immediately

I went to dinner with local couple who always welcome my sudden appointment
Relaxed by talking random topics

Give some loves to my body tension!!!
I feel easy for both of mentally and physically after his diagnosis
“Brain remembers the pain” is great sense to keep in mind 😉
Got treat by his Fingers this time
Really appreciate your support, Midorigaoka Orthopedic Clinic
He understands athlete mental as he loves sports and playing it well!
I like his blog with interesting contents!

Some Robots were just a decoration for this time…

I found that Refreshing mind and body is quite important
So now, I can go harder to enjoy the rest of snow season 🙂