“Komagatake Ropeway / Senjojiki Kar”

by takkahero

We had chance to visit here, Komagatake Ropeway in this spring

Lots of people wait for a bus to get up from early morning with  fresh greens and blue-sky at the end of Golden-Week (one of big holiday season in spring)

It quite high altitude area but still few snow there as same as most of other ski areas in Japan for this 15-16 winter
We started shooting under this gray sky after we met beautiful blue sky at the bottom of mountain

Cloud parted and shares nice blue sky from noon, as weather forecast said
I guess it because our daily behavior exchanges it 😉
There is Mt Fuji in the distance and seems quite blacked already

We were almost discouraged cloudy & windy weather in morning but we got smiles with smooth snow from afternoon
This is the crew of Day 1, we had interestingly fun hours together 🙂
As a matter of fact, we had ticket to stay at its Hotel on the hill except for Takumi-Shredder (2nd from left)!!!

There is Bath and delicious meals by friendly Chef!
Our face was kept smile from Dinner, Breakfast and then Lunch as we follow with the flow 🙂

This is one of dish from dinner
Why don’t you feel Heart of Hospitality by Chef!!?

Like this from Breakfast (my eyes were surprised and blink too much 😉 )

Day 2, we couldn’t get nice light at sunrise unfortunately but comfy blue sky came out afterwards
Though, sign of humidity in my favorite sunglasses “Fullon“…

We believed forecast and so tried to do job done before clouds float above us at afternoon
Climb up, shoot some footages, then back to restaurant to make our tummy satisfied by yummy Sauce-Katsu (Pork) Don 😉
Unfortunately Takatch (most left on photo above) left us this evening

Before sunset of that day, we decided to go up to Senjojiki Kar in 2 days
Komagane city is surrounded by peaceful nature, so we spent 1 off day with Picnicking 🙂

Monkeys chill out at greened Komagane-Kogen Ski Ground

And we chilled out at pond-side (Itaru-Shredder and AtsushiINDRES Formation)

White Flower fascinates me but I don’t know who you are…

And then, nice weather for 3rd day
3 faces joined us and started comfy climbing and riding on snow

The View of Hotel Senjojiki and Komagane-Kogen Ski Ground from bottom of Houkendake

Climbed and Walked around well from earlyer morning until afternoon…
So that, we went back to Tummy Service Area for late lunch
Though, I normally become kind of DONE mode if I have normal lunch…
I wanted to go back up hill somehow
Kind Shredder-Itaru and Yuta da Local followed me to be my The-Last-One ride company

This is Itaru-Shredder, shows full use of axe during his rehab of major knee injury

The last shot with this day’s crew, just before the last Ropeway to go down
I requested them to make Nice Air for my shot, but I’m not good to use my Smartphone well…
Though, I press the shutter with calculated time lag baddly
Ayumi HamazakiItaru FujinumaYuta MiyazawaAtsushi NakanePiro

Looked back at Komagatake when I got back to the base after sunset

It happened just before we break up this trip
Brand new dual, “INDRES The KihamaItaru” 🙂
Nice mellow sound made my fatigue comfortable

It seems/hope this area “Senjojiki Kar” keeps enough snow for ski-touring until the end of May
It will be nice to get there to have delicious foods!
When it’s clear, there is luxury scenery with Mt Fuji in the distance 🙂

Thanks a lot to Chef Sasaki who always treat us kindly!!!

I wonder if I will be able to find another chance to go there sooner